A New Wandering

I am a wanderer.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I’ve always done.  I don’t stand still.  Or, more accurately, when I do stand still I don’t do it well.  I don’t know whether it’s a drive to explore or a need to know as much as possible about everything – but whatever it is, it has led me to some amazing places in the world and in the world of knowledge.  I’ve explored deserts, jumped out of planes, spent weeks in the woods, earned a formal education, taught classes at several respected University, learned to cook some amazing dishes, learned to sail, and grown an amazing family.  It’s all wandering.

Far from slowing down since I hit forty, my drive to wander seems to have kicked into high gear.  I started playing guitar again, began to learn Russian, and redoubled my efforts to write and I have dreams of visiting Russia, Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean, several spots in Western Europe, and a yet to be determined location in Africa – all in the next ten years.

Predictably, this blog will be as scattered as I am.  But if you like food, travel, culture, books, adventure, fitness, music, and the more than occasional random rambling, stick around.  I plan to chronicle my adventures over the next few years as I write and wander with my family.

Oh – this is me (James), my wife (Pamela), and our kids.  Hi!

First blog postIMG_0691

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