My Next Guitar is a Vacation

I had a realization yesterday.  I need a vacation.  My wife needs a vacation.  Hell, my whole damn family needs a vacation.

So, instead of spending money on building another guitar that I’m forced to admit I don’t need (at the moment), my next guitar will be a vacation.

The first vacation is just for me and my amazing wife.  We haven’t had a real vacation, just the two of us, since some friends got married in upstate New York and we did a wonderful little road trip up to Michigan, into Canada, and across to New York, and that was in the year 2000 if I remember correctly.

Before that, we took our honeymoon in Paris in the summer of 1999.  We did everything on the cheap and her very generous uncle even paid for our airfare.  We stayed in a low-end, but clean and safe, hotel and existed on pastries and street food and local pub fare on about $40 a day for the week we were there.  It was glorious.  But we were young and fresh and I suspect our older bodies might appreciate a little more luxury this time around.

Since then, all of our vacations have been little trips to see family, sometimes under terrible circumstances.  We need a real getaway and nothing on a shoestring budget.  She deserves the best I can give her for this trip.  We can go rugged another day.

Problem #1: We don’t have passports.  Or rather, ours are expired and expired for long enough that we can’t just renew them.  We have to get new ones.  That’s expensive but pretty straight-forward.  More on that soon.

Problem #2: We don’t use credit cards.  We DO have a credit card.  We just don’t use it.  It’s a rule.  So before we book anything, we’re going to have the money in the bank.  We’re going to have to figure that out and save.

Problem #3: We have five kids and they’ll need childcare.  Grandparents are an option, but a lot depends on their schedules and willingness to watch some or all of the kids for a week or more.  That’s asking a lot of anyone.  We’re going to have to figure that one out.

Problem #4: We don’t even know where we want to go.  Not even which continent(s).  We’re going to have to figure that out.


So … can you guess what the next few posts are going to be about?


NOTE: The featured image on this post is remarkable.  It is also not mine.  I’ve seen it on posters, t-shirts, memes, and more.  This particular version came from a google image search specifically for pictures that are labeled for non-commercial reuse.  Full credit goes to the creator of the image, whoever they may be.  If it’s you, contact me and I will gladly add that credit to this image.

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