Bucket List Destination: Faroe Islands, Denmark

Sailing is a budding interest of mine.  Just over a year ago, I discovered YouTube channels featuring people who spend their lives sailing the world and/or restoring sailboats.  These are not rich and famous people aboard super yachts.  These are people like me.  Capable, driven, and of moderate financial means.  I was hooked.

Every so often, two of these channels, normally insular little worlds, will collide for a moment and produce something jointly and when they do, it makes my day. When my two absolute favorite channels collide, it makes my whole week.

This happened recently when Mads from Sail Life and Drake and Mo from DrakeParagon met up in the Faroe Islands.  And I fell in love.  Er … that didn’t sound right.  I mean … I do love Drake and Mo and Mads.  I’ve never even met them but my whole family has heard me talk about them as if I’d just met them for lunch.  They are sort of a part of my family now.  But I’m not IN love with them … oh, nevermind.

I fell in love with the Faroe Islands.  The footage that showed up on both YouTube channels, which I’m guessing was shot with Drake’s drone, was gorgeous.  Green and interesting, with waterfalls and rocky cliff faces.  Quaint little houses and storefronts, beautiful hills, and by all accounts wonderful and friendly people.  It looked incredible.  And, according to Mads at least, sweaters are a major item for sale in the Faroe Islands, and that means I might even be able to convince my wife to go despite the lack of Caribbean sun.  When it comes to her, where there’s wool, there’s a way …

Here’s everything the average person would ever want to know about the Faroe Islands.

Now, about Mads, Drake, and Mo … If you like the idea of sailing away and leaving all the bullshit behind someday … of setting your eyes on the horizon and sucking the marrow out of life instead of wasting away, you should subscribe to their channels.  Drake and Mo were the inspiration I needed to finally take sailing classes and start a boat-buying fund.  Watching Mads has given me the drive to collect the skills I’ll need to restore a boat after I buy it.   These two channels in particular really focus on the production value of their videos.  And I can’t stress this enough – they are real people, actually doing it, and inviting the world to see how.

There are a lot of great sailing channels out there, but these two channels in particular really focus on the production value of their videos and don’t have to rely at all on clickbait bikini pictures.  Not that I’m against click-bait bikini pictures per se, it’s just that channels that rely on them usually don’t have the best content to go with the thumbnail.

Most episodes from Drake and Mo feel like mini-documentaries with lovable characters.  They’ve been voyaging for years now and are doing it differently than most other channels.  They aren’t seeking out warm weather and white sand.  They are heading North instead.  That alone is enough to make me want to watch them.  But on top of that they are funny, genuine, and full of good information.

Meanwhile, Sail Life episodes feel like watching “This Old House” (a show I always loved).  Mads is restoring his boat Athena, almost entirely on his own.  He’s taking on projects (often with miniature tools) that would make most boat owners go pale and break into a cold sweat.  He works like I do: do research, plan, practice, and hope for the best.  He doesn’t actually sail much, at the moment, but I have faith he’ll get there and in the meantime, he’s both entertaining me and showing me what’s possible.  He also seems to be an incredibly sincere and friendly person.

I look forward to both of them posting a new episode every week far more than I ever looked forward to a favorite TV series.

Now, all of that praise doesn’t come without a price.  I’m letting Mads, Drake, and Mo do the rest of today’s work for me.  Here are their videos from the Faroe Islands.  Be sure to give them a thumbs up:

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